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Every fresh student admitted to the institution shall be given a printed leaflet detailing to whom he/she has to turn to for help and guidance for various purposes including addresses and telephone numbers, so as to enable the student to contact the concerned person at any time. Identity of informants of ragging incidents is fully protected.

Anti Ragging Monitoring Committee

Anti ragging monitoring committee of Monad University is hereby reconstituted as below.

S.No Name Designation Position in Committee Representation Mobile No.
1. Col. D P Singh Pro-Vice Chancellor & Registrar Chairperson Monad University
2.Dr. Mohd. Javed D.S.W. Member & Nodal Officer Monad University
3. Dr. Soma Das Deputy D.S.W. Member Monad University 8791407177
4. Dr. Pratap Singh Chief Proctor Member Monad University 9411901933
5. Dr. Sourbhi DattaDeputy Chief Proctor Member Monad University 8826727648
6. Mr. Amit Kumar Faculty Member Monad University 7830971417
7. Mr. Bani Singh Parent of Mr. Aakash Kumar (B.Sc Ag.) Member Monad University 9559936094
8. Mr. Lallan Mishra Parent of Km. Shivani Mishra ((B.Sc Ag.) Member Monad University 9560143071
9. Mr. Ramkishore Parent of Mr. Shiva Bhardwaj (B.Pharma) Member Monad University 9716781478
10. Mr. Iqbal Parent of Gulzar (B.Pharma) Member Monad University 9027448240
11. Mr. Manveer Singh Parent of Mr. Amit Kumar Member N.G.O.9084946171
12. Mr. Ambuj Jauhar Prerna Welfare Society, Pilkhuwa Hapur Member N.G.O.9719202102
13. Dr. Champala Mandrele Secretary Younker Historical Research Foundation Meerut Road, Hapur Member N.G.O. 9990576546

The committee will ensure that the anti-ragging activities within and outside the University's Campus suggest Anti-Ragging Squad.The Committee shall ensure strict vigil on the activities of the senior student,particularly at vulnerable areas like canteen / eating joints ,library ,play ground etc.The Committee will also take action on the recommendations of the "Anti-Ragging Squad" and will monitor their functions.