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Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The department of Electrical Engineering aims to develop knowledge in Electrical Engineering with much emphasis on different software’s to develop the student’s skills in Electrical Machines and Power System Design. Department of Electrical Engineering, Monad University holds the distinction of imparting education in this discipline, apart from playing a very vital role in teaching and research in ‘Electrical Engineering’.

Electrical Engineering is a continuously evolving subject. As technology has advanced, so have the challenges facing the modern engineer. A silicon chip containing over 100 million transistors in an area no larger than a postage stamp is yesterday's news.
Electrical is a subject that naturally partners with other disciplines to open whole new engineering avenues. Examples include Mechatronics - with Mechanical Engineering, Bio-medical Sciences-with Medicine and Avionics-with Aeronautics. The Electrical Department at MONAD UNIVERSITY prepares students in this field using new-age information and computer-intensive technologies.