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Department of Pharmacognosy

Pharmacognosy is a discipline related with separation of medicament from plants, animals and minerals. It needs a complete understanding of botany, chemistry, quality control and pharmacology of medicines from natural sources. Development of herbal drugs is done by amalgamating the traditional knowledge, modern science and modern technologies. The department of Pharmacognosy is engaged in imparting knowledge in the various fields of natural medicinal products through theoretical and practical mediums. The department is well equipped with an undergraduate research laboratory, a crude drug museum & herbarium specimens of several plant materials; and modern equipment’s essential for extraction and isolations of natural medicinal products.

Major Research Area :

  • Herbal Drug Standardization
  • Histological Analysis of Crude Drugs
  • Extraction of Fixed & Volatile Oils
  • Isolation & Characterization of Phyoconstituents
  • Chromatographic Identification of Phytoconstituents
  • Formulation & Evaluation of Herbal Cosmetics
  • Evaluation of Marketed Herbal & Ayurvedic Formulations