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Department of Political Science

Welcome to the Monad University Political Science Department. Political Science is the social science discipline that devotes itself to the study of power in its myriad forms, including the powers of the state (legislative, executive, judicial, military and bureaucratic) and the powers of civil society (social movements, interest groups, and political and civic engagement). The study of power also includes studying systems of political power, economic power, and ideological power, such as democracy, dictatorship, pluralism, corporatism, capitalism, socialism, patriarchy, and imperialism, just to name a few. Political Science sub fields include American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Public Policy and Public Administration, and Political Theory.

The Department of Political Science provides a comprehensive program of instruction and research in the fundamental areas of the discipline: political institutions and processes; the origins, development and transformation of theory and concepts; understanding different approaches to political analysis; political philosophy; social theory; political economy; public policy; political and economic sociology; constitutionalism and the legal contexts necessary for understanding politics and debates about it.